tu es ma joie de vivre

It feels very weird to be at home without Goofy, I doubt I will be able to sleep tonight. D and I couldn’t stop thinking about him all noon. It’s 3.51am and I cannot stop worrying for didi for this is the FIRST time in his 7yrs that he is away from us! Extraction for animals is a lot more complicated. I cannot stop thinking if there are nurses taking care of him while he is on drip in the hospital; if they are comforting him enough, if he is feeling cold, if he is feeling down… didi is very very timid and I’m sure he is missing us madly. When we left the hospital, he was whining away loudly and it breaks our heart to have to leave him there. The vet says he can tell Goofy is very attached to us. A lot of times when we went to pick Goofy up after his grooming, he can smell us before we got there; he would start to bark and his whining shocked many; they are always very surprise to see that kinda love we share. Mummy is praying very hard for you didi, everything will be fine.  Daddy and I cannot wait to pick you up tomorrow.