best workout… …. EVER!

Bones cracking…  butt aching, mind blowing… LOL symptoms of a good solid workout!!!! ROFL today is my 1st day at work and my body is crying for help already! I don’t know how I’m gona study and work at the same time. Call me Teacher Mag from now on, YES, u heard me right. HAHAAAA I’m the proud teacher of a group of lovely monsters cuties age 18mths to 2yrs. 23 and jumping around with kids when I was in N-T-yoU-C childcare 2003 is so much easier compared to my current aging body! HAHAHAAAAA I see so much difference with putting your kid in N-T-yoU-C and Private childcare!!! You really pay for what is worth and I would pay just to build my kid’s learning foundation.

I have a bunch of cutie-pies, sweetie-cheeks, cheeky-smiles and a few French and Italians angmo-gia! Hahahahaaa I fell in love with Sophia, this French gal, who was sobbing away whole morning for she comes in 3 times a week and only for half a day, thus she has difficult adapting all over again. She was wearing this purple floral maxi dress with big blue eyes and long fluttering eyelashes. I manage to calm her down and she goes everywhere I go… I’ll try to snap a pic of her tomorrow. I told myself that I will sleep by 10pm and I’m still wide awake. Another long workout day tomorrow… *yawns*

A-Axe-And called me again and I’m very grateful for they are offering me another position but I’ve decided to make Childhood Studies my career and I will strive hard to make things work. *fingers crossed* Besides my khakis at work, what I really miss about my old job, besides my pay and the luxury of listening to music 24/7, would be my 21 days leave entitlement!!!