Handphone Queen?

I’m a handphone junkie and I gladly acknowledge that but Queen?? Since I’ve gotten my iphone, I’ve stopped this obsession. I recalled such obsession for I won’t wait for the contract to end before getting the model I’m eyeing and when I want, I get. Even if it meant paying for the full price. =/ I was arranging my accessories today and found 2 Nokia handphones. Nokia fashion phone N7370 and my S$1k-ish N8850; I can still remember I splurged and bought this when I was working in Warner Music. I don’t usually keep the handphones I’ve used except for this 2 and my D&G Motorola which is lying somewhere in the house. I was googling those few handphones I’ve changed in these 5 years and my was I shock! 7 handphones in 5 years!! D went “You mean you didn’t know you are the Handphone Queen???”