minus 2 weekends, plus 1 Sakae

Been sick since last Saturday and for 2 weekends, I’m stranded at home and I’m getting really frustrated with eating porridge and fish soup consecutively. Thanks to Ms Fever, Mr Cough, Evil Flu and Irritating Phlegm, my 2 weekends were ruined. I enjoyed calling some friends and freaked them off with my VERY VERY bad voice. You cannot imagine how I sound unless I’ve called you… HEEEEEEE . I literally cough myself to sleep every night and spent nearly 20mins every morning in the bathroom blowing and coughing the phlegm out!!!! I feel really bad but my colleagues told me they had to go through this same process when they 1st started out, for kids carry way tooo much bacteria and our immune system aren’t expose to these before. My doctor told me even doctors working in pediatrics are often sick as our bodies are exposed to new bacteria and a whole lot at one time can cause us to fall sick. The only way to counter this is to let our body be immune to it and it usually takes about 3 months or so! DANG! After eating nothing but soupy food and wasting my weekends, I finally had enough and decided to pamper myself… or rather, my taste bud. I hesitated and then I dialed for… … Sakae Sushi Delivery 6388 8383! After one mouth of Hana Maki, I smile and feel happy being sick!?! hahahaaaaaaaa