searching… still

$20/hr for 3-4hrs of recording a day, sometimes longer hours, sometimes no recording at all… somehow seems like the dream job; flexi hours, more time for everything, not so stressful and a whole lot of omg goodness reasons… YET, I can’t take up this job. I still have tons of commitments and I cannot afford to get paid as and when. =/


I’m in this big changing phrase of my life and there is just so much going on. Friends noticed how much I’ve mellowed down and I’m still trying to get comfy in this new Mag. I hope all goes well tomorrow and then, I will reveal where my next path brings… I don’t know if I can stand being desk bound or handle administrative work but if they can afford to pay me well, it’s all for the money then. None of the admin jobs I’ve applied gotten back to me and I’m not the least surprise. The man who interviewed me recently said “I’m amazed with how fast you climb in your career.” I sort of forgot how ‘experienced’ my resume is and how I often get the job right after each interview!


Variety may be the spice of life, but monotony provides the groceries.