worried sick.

I got the job and before I go on with all the perks and amazing pay, I decided not to jinx it and wait till I’m actually on the job.


My right eye has been feeling a little sore and my vision a little blurry. I went to the optician after a week and they said it could be because of stress or that my eyes are simply tired. They told me to rest for a few days and go back for another checkup. I went for my 2nd checkup yesterday and they are still unable to get a 6/6 and told me to go to an eye specialist asap. D suggested going for a 2nd opinion from another optician and we did. We went to this very experience optician and after a long examination; he told me “there is a hole or a blood clot inside your eye. Please go to an eye specialist asap, I will recommend Mount Avernia for Dr ___.” I froze.


I’m gona tender my resignation tomorrow and instead of giving a week’s notice, I might have to leave asap and call Mount A for an appointment.