lil updates – edited

So far, soooooooooo very good! 3-5 months more of $$$$ (KA-CHING), amazing dnd prizes, very same wavelength – fun lunch khakis, the fun loving fatherly big boss, the damn solid staff welfare etc. I’m as happy as can be!!!! This is the 1st time I hear extracting wisdom tooth is free, its inclusive in our dental welfare! LUGI LAHHHHH, mine has all been extracted! Though with company shuttle bus, I still have to suffer and wake up at 6 each day but in 3 weeks time, we are shifting and its gona be damn near home can. Just 2 stops away from home station and with company shuttle bus… I can wake up as late as 7.30am! LOL Am so gona miss Liang Court, Plaza Sing, Funan, Central and all the nice food stores, especially the Starbucks Joint at my office building. I hope this is it! =] I hope to make this place my last stop.


OAB is my greatest creation and I have always been extremely proud of her. Venturing a new project with a friend and hope this will bring us somewhere. =]


After all the hospital visits, dilating etc, the eye specialists at TTSH told me to observe the eye and come back after a month for review!???! D is actually relieved to know that the swell has subsided and no operation is required. I’m equally relieved BUT no eye drops, no med and gave me a piece of paper to do testing at home on my own seems ridiculous to me. Anyhow, I’m glad I’ve gotten through the worst and I won’t need to head back anytime soon. D took pics of the horrifying tests and I still can remember the pain!!