2010 Xmas list n 2011 travel list

I have been feeling really happy at work. I hope this good feeling stays. *crossed fingers* 


I have no idea what I want for Xmas. Ok, not entirely true but the things I want are rather costly. LOL what’s new?

All I want for Xmas:

– Bangkok

– Tata Baby (placed order, luckily I don’t have to be on the waitlist for 6mths to a yr)

– Issey Miyake Bags (still thinking which color and design)

– another Toywatch

– Vivienne Westwood wings collection

– More $$$


Totally in the mood for Xmas shopping!!!


Just put $1000 to our Go-Europe fund! D promised me a trip to Europe in 2 years time and though I know its far-fetched, I can’t help feeling all excited and happy. I really want a trip this early Jan to Bangkok but we have a confirmed BIG SHOPPING trip to HKG in July so D isn’t quite keen with this idea. I’m even thinking of dropping by Japan for a few days to get my Issey Miyake bags and stock up on my Hada Labo. My shopping list for our HKG trip is growing and the items I want starts from S$350 and above/each! Let’s pray bonus will be as good as last year or even better than what I’ve heard so far… please let it be… f.i.v.e?