the new obsession

I’m never the shoes kinda gal… I’m definitely the bags, clothing and accessories kinda gal but recently, I’m very very INTO shoes. Especially the funky atas, super ridiculous prices kind which I used to oppose so much in the past! I always thought to step on something that cost $250 or more along the dirty streets, shopping malls, in the rain is HEART-BREAKING and RIDICULOUS but I’m gona be one of those soon. LOL why isn’t Singapore buyers bringing in shoes like these?? I can only satisfy my hunger online and in HKG. Eyeing these babies from neighbourhood, mbt, Vivienne westwood…

This 1st pair I spotted it in Japan but they were sold out in the whole of Japan. I came home checking from on peddar and it was sold out as well. I finally found a seller in HKG and am contemplating if I should buy without trying since they dont cost cheap.