fabulous feb!

CNY this year ought to be the hottest and most happening for me. Hahahahaa I haven’t got the chance to indulge in the goodies and I’m already down with fever and running nose! Just a few late nights, ok, really late nights to wee mornings say 3ish, 4am and I’m already down. Old liao… hahahaaa


I’ve finished my training in a week and I suspect its cos of my tests results. I did better than expected. I was overly stressed out knowing I have to take 5 tests based on what I’ve learned during the training. I not only passed but I did pretty damn good! LOL out of 5 tests, I scored full marks for 3 of them, a 17/20 and 15/20. Woots! D and Kiong came to pick me up for a celebration lunch.


Started shadowing seniors to see how they handle tasks and stuffs and was given very tedious graveyard shifts! Boss wanted me to experience peak hours and learn more. My 1st 3-7am almost killed me! Hahaaa tearing nonstop, dreaming of my so near yet so far bed… and I slept for less than 4 hours, I had to wake up again for the 11-3pm shift. Not easy at all…. But hey, I’m working from home!!!!!!!!! Heeeeeeeeeeeee… all it takes is getting used to it. Afterall my official shift starts 15th and there are only two 3-7am!


I’m a big believer of 2nd and 3rd chances but the older I get, the more cynical my thinking becomes. Many friends come and go; many chances, made-ups, love, joy and happiness too. It’s true when they say one can forgive and forget but one will never forget how one makes him/her feel.

p/sssss: gona go nap now, waking up at 3am again for my graveyard shift! Yawnssss…