since 2009…

It’s been an extremely long journey bud.


Thru all the tears, laughters, pain and happiness, and most importantly, thru time… we were tested and thru time, we grew stronger together. Time is the essence of honesty and only time can tell… indeed.


Thank you for not only being here for me, but also for all important/special occasions of mine.  In recent case, you not only calm me down but you rushed over and held my hand, patted me on my shoulder assuring me all will be well and all will be ok. D had to rush back to work and you again held my hand and took me home, cooked and nursed me both mentality and physically. Thank you bud, I wish happiness will soon find its way to you for you deserve a man (besides me) who loves u wholeheartedly. =]


p/sss: thank you soooooo much for bearing my extremely cranky mood swings recently. xoxoxo

I know you have been dying to visit Australia but lets plan again after SC, maybe have a girlie HKG again first can??? pleashhhhh…