pain is my antidote

Goodbye Micki…


Goodbye S.C…


You will always be in our hearts… love you always.


My only consolation are tears and pain… I want to constantly be reminded of my loss. I want a tattoo, I want a new hair color, I want a new perm and I’m definitely gona take a short break away. My dearest family affair shows me yet again how strong and deep our love is. Bro is never good with words but the things he said and the number of calls he made to D and me shows.


D, I love you VERY MUCH. You are deeply hurt and equally sad yet you never fail to make me your priority. Your constant care, love and support touch me everyday and I can never thank you enough. We are gona be 8 on 5th May and fortunately; I still love you as much or more. Hahaaa  Knowing you will be with me in all my tomorrows, makes my today so wonderful.


This is my worst birthday ever… and though I know, we won’t be able to enjoy, I appreciate the effort of them wanting to be there for us. Simple yet a strong gesture of love and support; and sadly, not all understands.


I’m unstable and I want to be unstable. I want to make no sense and for once, not give a shit about the world or how one would feel. IT IS ABOUT ME NOW… I want to be selfish. I could never understand but I’ve seen toooooo much of it, I believe I know how to be one now.