I was expecting the worst birthday ever but LOVE does conquer it all. Dealing with 2 losses isn’t easy. My colorful world turns black and white and everything tasted sad. I’m still grieving and as much as I would love to stay home and cry, Family Affair has other plans for me. Our initial plan was a mis-match theme and a birthday celebration at The Club Hotel has changed into a chill-just-me and dom stay. Little did I know the whole gang turned up with a whole lot of surprises and LOVE for us! I didn’t want no photo nor did I think I was able to smile and enjoy was the least of my worries. The genuine, overwhelming love and support we got from Family Affair touched our hearts so much, I couldn’t believe how good D and I look in each photo. ‘A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walk out.’ We are just really blessed and thankful to have not only one but a few.


I know ‘GYM’ has other plans for us and she definitely did look after me cos there were neither dramas nor scary encounter. Please continue to bless us and help us through this grieving moment.


Thru this incident, our love is tested and proven yet again. D, I LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH and I wouldn’t be able to get thru this without you. You are right; this only makes our marriage stronger. I don’t really like the card (haha) but what you wrote is BEAUTIFUL and I couldn’t thank you enough for loving me thisssssssssssssssssss much! Let’s hope all goes well tomorrow and we can start inking and relax with a getaway.


A sneak peek of the gorgeous hotel and our mis-match outfits…