11th day and still missing you…

I look well, talk well but I don’t feel well… not at all.


Everything online looks colorless, lifeless and meaningless to me. I haven’t shop online since my last buy from ASOS maternity. When the parcel finally arrives today, I find my pain even more unbearable.


I want my confinement to be over soon… my mum say at least another 2 more weeks, best 3.


There are too many things I wana do:

 – Get me a VENTI DARK MOCHA FRAP and indulge the cold chilled love.

– I want a tattoo to commemorate Sweetcheeks. I know exactly what kinda tattoo and where. D says why torture myself with such a painful spot but pain is exactly what I want.

 – I want to get a new hairdo. I cut my hair short and ugly thinking its best for preggy-time and now I just want to look better. It’s true when you look better you feel better… and since I feel like shit, I hope looking better helps.

 –  I want that Bvlgari ring or that Celine green bag. I need that kinda adrenalin. LV and Gucci doesn’t quite fit the bill. Chanel, Balenciaga and Issey Miyake would… maybe.

 – Book our July getaway soon. The only thing I can do for D is to bring him for a good getaway; for us both to finally relax and leave reality behind. D asked if I prefer HKG or BKK? HKG of cos would be best cos we love HKG, hands down, but I’ve been dying to visit BKK for their local designers clothing for a long time now. I wana buy mad crazy!

 – DRINK! I really wana unwind and drink. Beer is of no kick to me, can never get high nor shiok, I’m craving Chivas or Cognac. Just pure enjoyment and not the vomiting kind.

 – Save A LOT more… fufill the Europe and America dream and hopefully a pair of Cartier or Bvlgari ring for both D and me.

– Learn to be selfish. I’ve seen so many cases and yet I’m still barely there. I need to buck up and remember my priorities.


Thank you my dearest friends for being here when we are in need. I will be sure to be there for you when you are in need of me. Let’s meet up and enjoy good meals when I’m well. Though I’m not sure when that day will come but I sure hope it comes soon.