s dot c

When I first knew the good news, all I wana do is shoutout to the whole world and tell them I’m Preggers! And cos of old wives tales I had to keep it to the minimal… and now that I’ve lost the baby, the whole world somehow knew. Ironic.


I guess being confine at home now isn’t helping the situation and I can only rely on TV, radio, lappy, Goofy and smses. I don’t know what else to do and when D isn’t home, I end up having tons of spare time running through wild thoughts and what not.


I can always forgive but I find it hard to forget… I yak a few times and will normally be well but what I really can’t stand is being taken for granted. You come as and when you like, as and when you want… this I can’t accept. I have a few pet peeves and this is one of them.


Everyone wants a fun friend and nobody likes the emo one BUT how many people is willing to be there for the friend in need? Only then, you can tell who is true friend material and who will be there for you when you are in need of them.


 And at times like this, I really hate feeling alone. I really need to heck care those tards!


Please be patient with me… I really don’t know how to be happy. Remedies welcome.