tooo HOT

As if the weather isn’t HOT enough…


I have to drink HOT red dates longan drink cos no plain water allowed…


I have to shower in HOT herbal boiled water… the color looks bad but its damn shiok and strangely I’m quite addicted to it.


I have to eat dishes that are HOT and in all kinda Chinese herbs… anything that helps the body, I eat… and you know how much I can’t stand herbal stuffs.


I have to take HOT chicken essence… anything HOT minus curry.


Even the cold running tap water looks extremely delicious now…


Right after confinement I’m dashing to get my VENTI DARK MOCHA FRAP I tell you! HAHAAAAA Now that my whole body is “herbalised”, I’m pretty sure I will get real high with my 1st coffee!


HATE THE HEAT RASH… they are forming a party on my quite flawless face now! Damn you heat rash! Maybe I should pour cold water on them and they will all die/vanish??


p/s::: Thankssssss huby max for cutting all these to boil red dates longan drink for me everyday. Thanksssssssssssssss huby for boiling those herbal shower packs for an hour plus just so I can shower daily. YOU ARE THE BEST!