may the happy bugs stay…

I was blogging about the night I started bleeding and all the other
details from scratch while recalling the painful loss of sweetcheeks and I couldn’t
go on finishing the entry. I was finally able to see some colors coming back to
my life yesterday and decided to blog something happy instead. I found a very
good deal for this gorgeous boutique hotel in BKK a few days ago and was rather
sure I’m gona book it first before confirming our flights but I think
sweetcheeks is watching over us and stopped me. It’s indeed a blessing in
disguise cos news of BKK election came and knowing how messy the situation is
gona be then, we decided to head back home where we can eat and shop till we
drop! Haaaaa where else but HKG!! I’m gona take D to Disneyland again! Wheeee… The magical theme park is bound to cheer us up instantly and though we’ve been there before, I’m sure we can do with more magic! Not forgetting the romantic fireworks.

Bud invited me to join her in Bali for her cousin wedding next month and I
know D will allow me to go but I feel really guilty leaving him here alone,
usually I wouldn’t, but in this case I think he needs me here too. With HKG
coming up, I could use the extra cash for shopping and pampering D so I’ve
decided to skip Bali. Thanks Bud… we’ll plan another getaway ok?

London is definitely in my plans cos I wana visit a gf there for some
good shopping and hanging out. Saving for 2 isn’t as easy but once she confirms
her schedule with me, I’m gona bug D for a date! Sept would be the best time to
head to Europe, but if all else fails, early next year isn’t too bad too. Don’t
think we can pop by Slovenia this round cos I intend to spend at least 2 weeks
in London… we’ll see.

Finally, online shopping is finally looking slightly happy to me. Bought
my first few pairs of shoes yesterday too and a few tops from my favorite HKG
contacts. Its amazing how one change after a big ordeal; how I once felt
everything online is dull and sad when I’m the online shopping queen to how I got addicted to drinking hot water everyday when I’m the chill or room temperature water gal, to how I started swallowing and eating weird Chinese herbal stuffs like the black fungus, red dates and ‘gou zi’ willing when I dread such food most… just to mention a few… the ironies in life.

It’s 10 am and I’m still wide awake after my 3-7am shift! Please let the
happy bugs stay for as long as can be…. I want to get well soon. *starts
thinking of HKG and my after confinement to do list* New hair color, new perm
and a tattoo for sweetcheeks!