MBT love!

I’m finally shopping online again… but the damage done is really bad and
mad, not as if it wasn’t like that before but this time is 3 times more. Money
seems really small to me these days. It’s like a revelation or something that
makes me wana pamper D and myself madly. I will definitely remember to save
more for I want to make sure we can shop madly in HKG!!!

If you followed my
blog, you would know I have been eyeing the MBT sandals for quite a while and
one pair is about S$399 or so. I was telling myself I will definitely get a
pair in HKG this time cos Singapore doesn’t carry this brand. I went to one of
the MBT site to check and they are on discount!!!! SUPER HAPPY and without
thinking twice, I got meself and D one pair each! YEY… I don’t like the design
he chose but since he kinda like it and it’s the nicest of the rest, I approved.
Lol I don’t get it with D and his white shoes obsession. COOL BEANS!