Travel n Tatt

Hong Kong: Flight and Hotel – checked.

Tattoo Appointment – checked.

D, all the effort and love you showered on me is more than I can imagine.
You wake up wee mornings just to boil and make longan red dates drink for me
before rushing off to work; you spend the whole day busy, going to the market
buying ingredients to cook confinement food for me and boiling herbal pack to
prepare my shower. The rest of your rest time was spent doing housework and
cutting up red dates and whatever herbal stuff. I’m not only grateful but
thankful and blessed that I have you with me for the rest of our lives. To reward
you madly for all the love, I’ve booked us on SQ and our favorite 5mins walk to
Mongkok hotel! This is not all; I’m gona pay for all your expenses. YES, IT’S
ON ME Darling!  xoxoxo

I’m only gona reveal
my tattoo and its meaning after it’s done next week. The design is no biggie
but it means a hell lot to me. I’m still thinking if I want the design below my
collarbones or on my shoulder blade for 2 reasons; as cliché as it sounds, I want
it on the collarbones cos it’s near to my heart or on my shoulder blade cos I know
sweetcheeks will always have my back and blessed me from whenever he/she is.