mad shopping

The loss of sleep for weeks has finally taken a toll on my body. I have
been feeling giddy and having headache for the past 2 days and finally decided
to visit my family doc today. She was very concern and told me to take it easy
and let go, don’t hold on nor blame myself for its nobody’s fault. I know, I heard
this once too many times from D, Benson, dear, bud, babe… I’ve been listening
to babe and am listening to some favorite music before going to bed.

What is helping me would be the shopping-maniac-inner-me out on a mad
shopping spree! I’ve ordered 6 pairs of shoes; 2 pairs of MBT and 4 other pairs
of wings and sequins fun shoes. I’ve bought 4 tops and 3 pairs of socks from my
HKG dealers, not cheap but drop dead unique. I’ve also bought another 13 tops
and leggings from another HKG dealer. To close this whole madness, I bought 6
accessories from Forever21 spree!

At one point, I guess I
was feeling frustrated, all my life I have been saving and paying for bills; ROM,
wedding, renovation, baby… and they amount to a huge sum. Pay day monthly is
used to pay for these month after month, year after year. Yes, I do feel
blessed that in-between these $$$$, I get to go on holidays. But after losing
sweetcheeks, I kinda feel I’ve reached my limit. I feel the urge to spend what I’ve
earn to reward myself and D. I’ve bought enough for now, am gona use the rest
of the money to save up for our upcoming HKG trip.

Some of loots came but some have yet so here are some sneak previews: