less is more

The day I was looking for is finally here… I’m finally getting out of the
house for a new hairdo today! For the 1st time, I didn’t know what kinda
styles or hairdo I want and when Pauline, my super superb hairstylist,
suggested ideas. I couldn’t feel them. She looked at me and was worried when I said
I wanted something normal. We were always joking and were always wild on my
hairdo. She loves the fact that I’m daring enough for any kind of hairstyles
and I love the fact I always get something different when I walk out of her
salon. I love the hair massage and the fact that I’m getting a new look. I “punked”
a few friends making them think this is the final styling of my hair (sees pic
below) and had a good laugh. I really hope this is the 2nd step to my look
good-feel good therapy.


I need a full body massage. I really want one.