I don’t think it’s worth ruining my blog for you but just so you know, I regret,
for the 1st time in a long long time, I regret sharing all
information I have with you just so you will have that happiness you always
wanted. I TOTALLY REGRET and I have never felt this repulsive before. I was
preg and still I called and shared all info I have to encourage you. DUMBSHIT! I
can block you off FB but I can’t do the same for my blog so do me this
huge favor and STOP reading my blog. Get some creativity and stop copying.


p/s: hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa joker. Oh ya, I blocked you off my wall and updates when you were still my friend in FB cos why should you still be seeing my updates and “learning” from it when you don’t even care for me as a friend.THANK YOU for deleting me, the feeling is mutual. I’m no angel but I’m kind and I’m pissed you used it and dumped it.