I miss you dearly SC and thus I’ve been all emo queen again plus the attack of queen hermit isn’t exactly helping.

Anyway, I was working halfway thru my shift when I felt this pain on my lower back and when I tried standing up, I couldn’t walk straight! It was so painful and I had to go to the doc for an injection. D was on course and my parents aren’t around thus I am really glad to have bud come take me to the doc. S wanted to cab down to bring me to the doc but I don’t wana put her at risk. She even got her very helpful huby to help me, I’m very thankful.

Bud got me this back support brace and told me to put it on everyday since I’m at home. Thanksssssss bud! It suddenly got me thinking, it’s no doubt we are best friends. You don’t have to ask for each to be here and yet we will go to each other first thing when one is in need of the other. Xoxo

Bud was at my place assuring I was well and all and I got into an accident right after she left! Damn! I wasn’t balancing well and I still don’t know how but my foot slipped and hit my luggage! The pain came almost immediately and so did my blood! After snapping my first injured pic to show D, the blood lost control and wouldn’t stop dripping!! It was so bad I have blood stains all over the floor and on my sandals. G.Y.M please bo bi and not let the nail come off ok? I’m damn scared and I can imagine the pain that is gona come with it.