There is never enough space in the wardrobe just like money is never enough. The poorer I get (after shopping), the more unique stuffs I see and I cannot dounch buy! Die! I’ve already started searching Xmas gifts for love ones and even ordered some. Please don’t surprise me this Xmas and ask me what I want instead ok? There are like 1001 things I wana get online. Pleashhhhh. ~begs~

Taking the man to USS for his birthday! Pay with mastercard and get additional 20% off! Woots! I’m sure we’ll have fun since we are both theme-park sans scary rides people.

Missing sweetcheeks more during this month, wondering if he/she came to visit. Ok, this is sounding eerie and I should stop now. Feeling sucky and am wondering what my next step should be? This came to late but I finally feel that a family ain’t complete without a lil one. G.Y.M. give us another chance??

2 T’s coming up; Turi and Taiwan. Wheeeeee…