Last year, we celebrated the boys, D and Benson’s birthday, in Batam.
Wanted to book Turi beach but it’s fully booked. The travel agent suggested
Batam View and I was still skeptical for its name sounded rather ‘song’ but the
place turns out really beautiful. Anyhow, I really wanted to have a mini break
and I caught this good deal online and so I went ahead and got us booked! D’s
sickening schedule is full and can only sneak in 2 days end Sept so here we go
again… more waiting.

I’m feeling really tired from all the shift work and luckily I took 3
days off next week for D;s birthday. I should be thankful for the shift work thus
the 28 days leave. Though pro-rated, the leaves I took during preg, holidaying,
I’m still left with quite a bit. Past few weeks since my injuries, I’ve been held
captive at home. Maybe that explains why I have been feeling extremely cranky
and under the weather.

p/sss: In dec, I’m
going cruise with mumsie and bud. Phuket or KL would be nice… heeeee I wished D
could join us. =( huby, if you are reading this, Taiwan next year hor! I don’t
mind hot weather as long as I get to shop! LOL love ya