me ish rnb

K-pop wasn’t even the IN thing when I was mixing Korean Pop music programs. In barely a few years, everyone is talking about it. My all time favorite K-Pop artist whom I have been in love with would be 2ne1 and T.O.P. Need I keep mentioning, I’m a rnb, hip hop kinda gal? So naturally I’m drawn to all rnb, hip hop genre of all languages. ie. My RnB Jap queens would have to be Naime Amuro and Utada Hikaru. My all time fav Mandarin RnB king would be Alex To. *heart heart*

What really caught my attention besides their good music would be their super loud, dare to be different fashion sense.

Jeremy Scott says “They are not fake, not manufactured. They are not, like wearing things that they are told to wear and not liking it. They love what they wear and they each have their own taste. I love the success of K-Pop that has been happening internationally but they kind of draw a line; there’s like K-pop groups (here) and 2NE1 (there).”