I went to bed with a super heavy heart 5 mins before 12. Slept for barely 2 hours and woke up to the many chattering downstairs; cooking and setting up for Malay wedding, event, funeral? I don’t know and I’m too restless to bother. I tried going back to bed but my mind is way too awake to listen to me. I toss and turn since then, 2.30am I suppose, all the way till 6.10am. I decided to wake up and sat infront of my pc blogging and waiting to start work at 7.

The 2 very important days and we had to screw it up. It will be very very very hard for me to be positive again. I’m tired and it isn’t exactly easy to pick up that kinda courage again. I am soooooo bothered by it, I couldn’t sleep while you snore the night away.