where is the xmas spirit?

It will be nice if friends of the same enthusiasm come together for all kinda celebrations or functions. I always feel its not the place, the food but the company that brings out the atmosphere. It’s kinda sad when most of us try our best to make it and some of us who are on shifts, bothered to sacrifice our rest time just so everyone can get together. If its once or twice that you can’t make it, I am sure the rest of us will understand. If it happens once too many times, it seems like we are forcing you to be here. I cannot always be the one feeling hyper and clowning around to get everyone together.

Last year this time, my schedule will be mostly taken up and I will be busy celebrating with my girlfriends in different groups and exchanging gifts. As of now, its as empty as my heart. I still enjoy scouting and buying gifts for friends but I don’t seem to have that hype for Xmas. Old age? Sian? Tired? I don’t know.

Sweetcheeks, mummy miss you a lot more this Xmas. You should have been here. Now I don’t know how to celebrate my favourite festive without you. Micki, if you see sweetcheeks where you are, can you please help us keep an eye on her too? Stay loyal and sweet to her like you were to us. We miss you too.

I kinda miss the CNY celebration we had earlier this 2011. That group of friends or that one friend who has the same thinking and feeling as I do and am as enthusiastic as I am in gathering friends together. We had so much fun and lotsa laughter just by playing Pictionary. I don’t remember laughing this much or had so much fun during CNY. It’s kinda sad things will never be the same. I tried.