My last 2011 entry…

2011 has its ups and downs but I guess the one thing I will never be able to forget is that it took both my babies away from me… the tribulation has finally passed so lets embrace 2012 with an open heart.

I don’t know what to expect for 2012 nor what it may bring but all I’m wishing is for my family, love ones and all my friends to stay healthy and happy. Try something different in 2012; don’t stick to the same hairstyle, don’t eat the same kinda dish you’ll always eat, try caramel instead of chocolate, be daring, be adventurous and go for a change… life will be a lot more interesting. Take it from me, the ever changing chameleon. LOL

I have very exciting plans for 2012 and I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hope we will be able to go International soon. =] I finally feel its a 2-way thing and for once, I only use half my brain for the other is contributed by someone who shares the same passion and enthusiasm as me. Let’s work hard partner! =]

Celebrating all belated xmasssss through Jan 2012, getting another bigger tattoo on my forearm in another 2 weeks (I secretly yearn for half sleeve…LOL), hubs say he is gona give me a huge surprise for v-day, Bud’s birthday in Mar and I’m quite sure we will be spending it somewhere cool and relaxing, spend the rest of the months designing, drawing and drafting and updating our blog, May – birthday and wedding anniversary… at least 1st half of 2012 seems more bearable now.