Holly Jolly Xmas

Am loving 2012 because… … … … … I am still celebrating Xmas! HAHAHAAAA who cares if its belated, though I kinda like everything belated these days minus the fact that I was down with stomach flu, burning throat and bad cough… but honestly, what better way to welcome 2012 with tons of good company, great food and lotsa presents! Hope it has been a good one for all of yall too! =]

Now, keep all the appointments and laughters coming… we have another 2 more weeks to “close” Xmas, in my case, cos CNY is coming.

p/sss: the tree is a little bare this year for I didn’t went out to get more decors. Actually its also the 1st time, I didn’t feel like adding more decors to it. D said to buy me a bigger tree this coming 2012 Xmas. I want! hahaaaa