So far soooo not bad

2012 has been so far soooo really not bad… but keep the better(s) coming ok?

We were determined to save and not travel this year but D surprised me with a birthday-wedding anniversary surprise trip end April. If everything goes well I might even travel again in June to somewhere far far! YEY! ~crossed fingers~ The uncle says Europe and the daddy says Switzerland.

Please keep the freelancing music work coming so that I can have extra cash to spend save! Hahahahahaaaaa

Should I push myself and pick up a new language?

Have to push myself harder to get that blog going… sketch more and work those brain juice.

2012 seems very exciting for its just the beginning and there are like 1001 things happening.

Time seems to pass real quickly this year; CNY is over just like that. Anyway I enjoyed this year’s CNY quite a bit; spent quality time with the inlaws who rarely has the chance to rest and though most of my sleeping time were confiscated, i was happy. My parents were happy cos we had everyone present for a CNY lunch. I believe I will enjoy CNY slightly more if we had a little Koh-jr with us. V-day is arriving and I already know where I wana be dining with D and though he says my v-day present will be belated, he told me its gona be worth the wait for its gona be BIG!! It better be BBBvlagri kinda big or the ISSSSeymiyake big. LOL

P/ssss: I did some spring cleaning on fb and oh boy was it good. I’m gona continue “cleaning” and see who else to clear away. Lol boy am I getting better in being “bo-chup” or what…