all that in 03.2012

From being shocked, to having the freedom away from shift work… from being worried about my career path to telling myself not to jump into anything… from always planning and overly thinking to D telling me to relax and enjoy my temp tai tai position as everything will eventually work out.

From being excited to finally get the rest and enjoy the last 2 weeks of March to a surprise FOC new hair color… to Bud’s fabulous birthday celebration… to enjoying the last final race at work to hearing the heartbreaking news of the death of my beloved grandpa. Ah gong, I know you are in a good place now where you are happy and free from all illnesses. Be happy wherever you are, I know you will be and we will miss you a great deal. Now you can enjoy fishing and catching crabs again, when we meet someday, I will like to taste your famous chili crabs again.

From being a little lost of directions to the sudden influx of job interviews that I’m keen with and being at a crossroad now; going back to music where I can command higher pay or suffer a serious pay cut but get to learn new stuffs and maybe get a secure marketing career till I’m 45-50 years old?