Skinny Pizza – Wheelock

Skinny Pizza
501 Orchard Rd, Wheelock Place #03-04
Singapore 238880

Tel: 62357823

I like the homely décor with lotsa wood and foodie cardboards hanging along the white tiles. The wooden chairs are very unique looking but a tad too heavy.

I was looking forward to a good pizza feast but my good friend was bugging me to try their fish and chips and boy was he right! You know how some fish platter flour is too thick and oily, this one is just nice and to top it up, it is serve with the very yummy truffle fries!!!

Fish n Chip with the super duper yummy truffle fries S$18.00 – the after-taste of those truffles lingers in your mouth, ZOMG!

Sweet Corn Crab Soup S$6.00 – delicious with generous crab meat

English Breakfast Pizza S$22.00 – not too bad but not my kinda pizza, I like them with melted cheese, tomato sauce and not in this form; every mouthful is messy for all the toppings starts to drop.