decided and bought… a pc of Alexander McQueen

My gal-fren, Ting, asked what I want for my birthday this year and since I’m spending it in BKK, she asked me to quickly decide so that she can get it first since my birthday list is always changing. LOL So, I started surfing in the quest of finding that perfect gift and he came to my mind… that one fashion genius I still greatly missed.

 Alexander McQueen we miss you still… and always will. I still remember the shock I had 2 years-ish ago when I read online that he has left us. The fashion world will not be the same without you… so what better gift then one from the Queen.

 I wanted the razor bracelets but the 3 designs Forzieri had were all sold out. I was disappointed and went on to surf other websites but they didn’t have this razor design. Ting reminded me again for an answer and I sooooo happen to be surfing that website and found one last piece and I knew I had to have it. A few clicks and 3 days later, it arrived.

 THANK YOU DEAR, I love it a lot and I’ll shop for yours as promise in BKK. To us and another year of friendship. xoxo