this is how much i love Starbucks, DIY n painted

This is how much I love Starbucks! So much that I bugged my very very loving D to allow me to have it painted on our Kitchen wall 3 years ago (CAN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T BLOG ABOUT THIS)!!!! D who is better in arts offered to help. I’m very bad with lettering and I couldn’t seem to get them in shape and luckily D readjusted them for me. It wasn’t easy drawing free hand and we had to go to the paint store to get customized green paint in Starbucks shade but all the work is definitely worth it for we are very proud by the end result! I am greeted by Starbucks every morning minus the fraps! Will Starbucks sponsor me a life-time of free Starbucks drinks if they see this??? If not, a year or 2 of supply will be equally good. haaaaaa