Ambush European Restaurant at Bishan Junction 8

9 Bishan Place, junction 8
#02-10/20/27 Singapore 579837
Tel: 6353 3960


A MUST GO for all pasta lovers! I personally have been here more than 8 times for I cannot get enough of Ambush! Food is very tasty and very reasonably priced. You can find a variety of European food here. The only 2 things I don’t quite like; 1st – their desserts are not that tasty and I would rather have it elsewhere and 2nd – customer service. Having been here for so many times, I notice the same thing happening over and over again. Once the restaurant is filled with customers, the staff tends to panic and seems very lost. I don’t appreciate the rush in tone when taking orders and when we raised our hands to get their attention, its almost impossible to stop anyone. They don’t even have time to top up our iced waters.

Be prepared for tons of food picturesssss… I’m gona flood you with all the dishes I’ve tried!

I love how the seat double up as bag holders and its super awesome for bag lovers like myself for I will never sit my bag on the floor.

calamari on sticks S$6.80 – very cute way of displaying the calamari in mini sticks unlike the usual way

mini sausage platter S$8.80 – a mixture of garlic and chicken cheese sausages

Ice Caramel Latte S$4.20 – sweet, just how I like it to be!

baby scallop squid ink pasta S$13.80 – yummy!

Salmon Pasta Thai Basil S$12.00 – not too spicy and very appetizing

Sausage Bockwurst with Rosti S$12.20 – juicy sausages and crispy rosti

escargot spag S$13.50 – very creamy and delicious

marinera Paella S$13.20 – garlicky and creamy

Thai Basil Clams with fries S$16.80 – not tom yam spicy but sweet chilli paste, yummy!

choc brownie S$6.80 – very normal, have tasted better

souffle S$8.80 – slightly better than the brownie but still normal