Outfit of the Day!

Yes, I am still headless for I find it hard to ‘face’ pose nicely with my outfit. I will continue to explore so pleaseeeee bear with my headless posing… for now.

I bought this dress from ASOS and I ordered a size bigger and was rather troubled thinking if I should mail it back and wait for another 2-3 weeks to arrive or just make do and go to a local seamstress to have it alter later. So I mix and match around and decided to “camouflage” the extra cloth with my favorite fringe vest, and viola… I have my outfit of the day!


Dress: ASOS

Vest: Japan

Leggings: Hong Kong

Shoes: MBT

Bracelets: Alexander McQueen, Coach and a “It’s OK” customised bracelet

Watch: T-Watch

Ring: Bvlagri

Necklace: Hong Kong

Bag: Issey Miyake Bao Bao