In loving memory of my baby, SC…

How time flies, its been a year since you left me… I still miss you very much and always will.

I decided to put those feelings into pictures and did everything from scratch… it really is easy picturing the image and feelings you want with words but to create and capture them is nothing near easy. Kudos to all photographers.

Thank you my dearest friends for being patient with me and for making this possible.

This one is for you, SC…

The love of my life. The love we have. The love for SC.

To you my love…

my SweetCheeks

Dogs are not only known for their loyalty, Goofy is family.

He is always around me, always with me giving me lotsa warm esp during this difficult period.

I saw a lot of little children running towards this big bear hugging him and smiling happily thus the inspiration.

We miss you.

My HUGS department.

My Happy silly dear.

The simple bliss we get over waffles and ice-cream.

I crumpled the word Torn but its not really visible here.

Tears of pain… tears of joy…

To believe…