HEADSPACE – Creative Personalized JUST-4-U Hairdo


30A Haji Lane

Singapore 189223

Phone: 6298 2336

Email: headspacesalon@yahoo.com

Website: https://www.facebook.com/headspacesalonsg

HEADSPACE, located in the quaint Haji Lane, mixes the old-school aesthetic and vintage furnishings with a raw look and feel. They offer quality haircuts, colour and hair treatment services in a comfortable, cozy and relaxing space. No more than 2 customers are served at once so that they can dedicate enough time to choose the right hairstyle for you. Their goal is to help each customer see his or her own sense of style and beauty. Welcome drink and Wi-Fi service (so you can stay connected) are provided. Are they thoughtful or what? =]

I feel very VIP just by knowing they don’t serve 2 customers at once just so they can personalized the right hairstyle for you. Why HEADSPACE you ask? I saw pictures of many creative haircuts off different customers and I was impressed. Why get the same haircut just like everyone else when you can get one that is personalized just for you? I was blown away by the coziness of the whole salon; the arty illustrations, the customized gorgeous seats and mirrors, the soothing music and the very bright cheery personality of Yah Nee’s. Bored while waiting for your friend? No worries, you can shop or take one of Yah Nee’s book at the Bookspace corner and chill the time away. After meeting Yah Nee, head stylist of HEADSPACE, I am more certain I will be a returning customer.




For once, I didn’t even have to tell the stylist what I wanted and how I am most willing to take any hairstyle given to me except that I don’t really want very short hair for I have chubby neck! It is as though Yah Nee can read my mind and immediately got down to work and gave me an awesome cool unique fringe cut! She snipped off the ends of my damaged hair and I love my new shoulder hair length. As she snipped, she explained her vision and ideas. She is very sweet and gave me a peppermint hair treatment and got me to relax and eye shut a little.


D’s hair is a challenge for he has natural stubborn curls and he always ends up feeling helpless and frustrated and BOY, ARE WE SURPRISE with what Yah Nee did. She made use of this weakness and created a one of a kind hairstyle for D. We are in awe with what she did and now, we have the same favorite hair stylist! YEY!

We chatted like long lost friends and its only then I found out that Yah Nee used to work as a banker in UOB for about 7 years! I cannot believe a person with such carefree and loud personality used to work in such a serious environment. All the artsy illustrations in HEADSPACE are drawn by her (ALSO VERY TALENTED) sister! I AM JEALOUS! I cannot wait to head back for a creative hair dye and also to meet her sister. 


Looking for creative hairstyle that says YOU?

Sick of the usual one or two full head hair dye?

Sick of people telling you what you cannot try and brush you off with the usuals?

What are you waiting for?

Pick up your phone and give Yah Nee a call!