Sun With Moon (Jap Dining) – Wheelock

Sun With Moon
Japanese Dining and Cafe
501 Orchard Road, #03-15/16/17 Wheelock, Singapore
Tel: 6733 6636

I LOVE Japanese food and I just realise, I haven’t shared any with you yet. I had a very good dinner at Sun With Moon, the ambience is nice and the customer service is above average.


Goma Salmon S$13.80 – this is a promotional/seasonal dish. The sauce is a killer! Very very appetizing and addictive!

Cheese Pinchos S$6.80 – cheeseballs!

Mix Roll Sushi S$15.80 – yummy mix of avocado and mango sushi, prawn, unagi and salmon.

Kurobuta Okonomiyaki with pork meat S$7.80 – equally yummy

Chicken Steak S$12.50 – served with potato balls, cute and yummy

Tonkatsu Tamago Toji + Rice S$10.80 + S$3.00 – loves the pork meat with egg and the salty sauce!