beneath that facade – my shades collection

Before I start posing pictures of my very VERY messy and overflowing accessories of necklaces and bracelets, here is one post featuring my shades collection! Being an accessorista, I love changing my shades to match my different outfits so I tend to buy a lot of designs to accessorise. I LOVE all the gorgeous and expensive ones from Linda Farrow, Dzmitry Samal and Karen Walkers, and I dream to own them one day but for now I’ll just stick to my cheaper ones. =]

1st Row: ASOS, Linda Farrow Inspired, Gift, Gift, Hello Kitty

2nd Row: Forever21, Forever21, Japan, Turbo, Japan

3rd Row: Forever21, Orchard, H&M, Japan, Hong Kong

Along with my chameleon hairstyles, I may look very different but it’s really just the hairstyle! LOL