lets continue to support each other shall we?

These days I often feel time isn’t enough and how I am tempted to work into the late night till wee mornings where my ideas are most active. I have a full time job thus I can only push and motivate myself through bits and pieces of support from D, my besties and inspiring bloggers here. I am working very hard and I really hope that one day I will be able to interview more fashion designers, attend events and meet more bloggers and work towards that dream of mine.

I am doing a lot of fashion reading and am constantly learning and improvising my love for colors to making them chic and MAG. I will continue to work very hard and I hope you will continue to show me the love and support. As an accessorista, I cannot express how very VERY happy and honored I am to be part of the awesome Nutcase Fashion team. For an accessory lover to meet another accessory lover/designer is like A DREAM COME TRUE! Stay tuned while I continue to give u the latest news on our gorgeous creations from our talented Jewelry Head Stylist Connie. 

Let us all continue to give our best my friends!