Old School Delights – retro

Old School Delights
215M Upper Thompson Road
Singapore 547349
Tel: 64584518


Forgotten to blog about this retro classroom like cafe and so here it is. I walked past this cafe a few times but have never been tempted to try till Babe suggested it. Old School Delights (OSD) is all about bringing home-styled local favorites back into our memories of yesteryears. It feels like we went back to our childhood years into a retro classroom, chalkboards, childhood games like ‘five stones’, ‘happy family’, ‘donkey’, ‘eraser fight’ and more… Definitely a good place to chill with your family and friends.



Nasi Lemak – chicken wing very crispy, big piece of egg and otah. I didn’t expect it to be so tasty.

Chicken Pops – taste just like KFC popcorn chicken.

Fudgey chocolate cake – soft and melts in your mouth!

My babe and I had a good time catching up. Yes, that was me before my haircut.