Official Launch of Domino’s Pizza Singapore Iphone App

Sponsored Event

I am really happy to be invited to the launch organised by Domino Pizza and OMY.SG on 7th June 2012 at The Singapore Flyer. 2 reasons for my excitement for this is my very first omy event and also cos I LOVE Domino’s Pizza!! I will always suggest ordering from them whenever we have a celebration/gathering. At the same time I was feeling nervous for I don’t know anyone and wonder if I will be able to mingle and make new friends but I can tell you, my worries are uncalled for! You will have to read on!

Now you can let your fingers do all the talking, while on-the-go! Yes, you heard me… and all you have to do is to simply download Domino’s Pizza app and you will be able to order them from your mobile devices from wherever you are! You have to try to know how easy it is to navigate this app, I’m sold!

Go to your app store now and simply download and you are ready to go!

With the many choices and promotions available, you will have no problem catering to all!


I value customer service a lot and I didn’t think ordering through an app is possible till I tap “Help”. There is not 1 but 4 ways to help answer your question and queries. How well thought is that!

Not just that, Domino’s Pizza guarantees you:

  • 30 minute delivery
  • 15 minute take out
  • product satisfaction
  • nett pricing (no GST or delivery charge)

Did you know Domino’s Pizza is the first international pizza company to introduce pizza delivery service and its famous pizza tracker known as the Great Pizza Service Tracker for online ordering? Thus making it the first pizza company in Singapore to have a pizza tracker! I enjoy watching the tracker very much and gets really excited when I see my pizza ready and that the delivery man is on the way!

HIGHLIGHT!! After each order is completed, shake your mobile to receive a free side dish! AWESOME right??

GOOD NEWS! For first time orders via iphone app, customers will enjoy a FREE CHOCOLATE LAVA cake i-coupon redeemable on their next purchase made via iphone app! Each 50th lucky customer will enjoy a FREE Regular pizza credited as an i-coupon redeemable on next purchases made via iphone (valid for a limited time only).

Visit for more info!


The Event:

Bloggers were gathered and seated at Bayview Room at The Singapore Flyer and a short introduction was given before all the delicious pizza arrived. Domino’s Pizza is very generous and prepared a lot of pizza and side dish for us to try. While enjoying our treats, the marketing manager of Domino’s Pizza, Linda, did a presentation and showed us how to navigate the new app.


After the presentation, we were invited to ride The Singapore Flyer. I am loving the interesting walk on the way to the capsule as there were a lot of interesting facts and read-ups of the Flyer.






Thanks to Domino’s Pizza and omy, I met so many awesome and uber friendly bloggers at this event. It was such an experience for me and I made some very good friends here which I will be introducing shortly.




Each ride on The Singapore Flyer takes 30mins and to demonstrate the promise ’30 minute delivery’ Domino’s Pizza provided, we ordered the pizza through the new iphone app before the ride and it arrived the moment we got back to the event room! Good job guys!

The walking Domino’s Pizza iphone app entered the room bringing tons of laughters for its soooo cute, no one can resist it and we started snapping away!


Just when we thought dinner was already served, Domino’s Pizza surprised all of us and took us to a restaurant, O’ Learys Sportsbar and Grill, which is also located at The Singapore Flyer for the real deal! Little did I expect the spread of buffet waiting for us! With my newfound blogger friends, we had time to once again mingle and talk about the whole event while dining at such a cosy environment. Thank you so much again Domino’s Pizza!!





The very friendly and laughy Janet from! Thankssss for making me feel so welcome! Hope to receive more invites from you in the future! ~hints~ LOL

The first friend I made! I introduced myself for I am seated beside her at the presentation and she is so friendly we couldn’t stop talking since. She attended a few omy events before and shared her experiences with me. If you are a Super Junior Fan, she is one blogger you will definitely like to follow! Read more about Yan Teng at

The second friend I made! I noticed another 2 bloggers with geeky specs like myself and while queueing to enter the capsule for our ride, I turned around and introduced myself. Damien aka uncletehpeng is the youngest, vainest and funniest “uncle” I know. Everytime I look at him, I cannot stop laughing for he is soooo cute. I am also impressed when he told me he started blogging at the age of 14??! Read more about Damien at

I met her along with uncletehpeng and I immediately noticed her incredible energy! LOL she is sooo hyper I swear its contagious! She is very funny and super friendly! We were snapping pictures for everyone and forgotten to photograph one together!! Since she loves her pose for the day, i decided to use this picture! HAHAAA She is nominated for Gmarket Best Online Shopping Blog, do vote for her at can read more about Tiffany at

Aidan is soooo quiet I didn’t guess he was a blogger BUT once we started talking, I felt as though we have known each other for a long time. He is very friendly and knowledgeable and shared many social media information with me. THANKSSSSS Aidan, I appreciate it a lot for I am still new to this whole blogging thing. I discovered Aidan is quite the shopaholic too! Haaa Check Aidan out at

Her gorgeous glowing fair skin and pretty furry top got me attracted to her. THANK YOU for coming to our table cos I will so regret if I didn’t get to meet you! A smart and cute youtuber who idolises Xiaxue. You would never be able to guess this 16 year old cutie, Miranda, is into heavy metal! I had so much fun talking to her and she is “psycho-ing” me to do a video with her! Miranda is also one of the Top 10 finalist for Best V-log, vote for her at Check her videos at and read more about her at