Brushed with death and saved by my broken shoe!

I wasn’t on my phone neither was I not paying attention to the traffic. Green Man came and I checked that traffic was clear and started crossing the road with a bunch of other people. The car beat the red light while we were crossing straight and dashed through us!!! Everyone screamed! Luckily no one was hurt and I was rushing home, I was just 2 steps behind… 2 steps ahead and I wouldn’t be here telling you this story. I came home trembling and shaking and I couldn’t even eat! I composed myself and called the police for I noticed the car number! I really hope the police will catch this irresponsible driver. I regretted not taking the contact numbers from the rest of the pedestrians so that we can bring this driver to task.

I am grateful to be alive… I was grumbling the entire journey for my shoe split open but thank goodness for that, isn’t it??? Things really do happen for a reason and I can only say someone up there is really watching out for me? Friends are telling me that if you escape death, your life will be very lucky and blessed from now. I am just very very very thankful no one is injured.