Ma Maison – The Central

Ma Maison

6 Eu Tong Sen Street

03-96, The Central

Singapore 059817

Tel: 6327 8122

The nice cottage feel is what attracted me to Ma Maison. Lots of dark wood, chalk board furniture’s with pots and pans hanging on the shelves. The dim lights give a cozy and nice feeling to the whole restaurant. I was overwhelmed with the numbers of menus they have on the table, I couldn’t find a spot to place my camera and mobile! Haaa One bad point, I feel its a little stuffy inside and I couldn’t really enjoy my food.

We couldn’t resist but order our desserts aka tarts too (to serve later) cos we want to make sure the flavor we want is available. I didn’t catch it when the waiter said he will bring the desserts for me to choose. I felt stupid asking if I should follow him thinking there is a counter somewhere or so but turns out, he really brought the various tarts available to our table for us to choose! I felt silly but it was quite an experience. 


Scallop Carpaccio S$9.80 – juicy and soft with yummy appetising sauce

Ladies Red Juice S$6.50 – tasted ok, not exactly to my liking 

Omu Rice Ketchup S$14.80 – the tomato rice is very juicy and tasted good with the brown sauce. Eat them all together with the omelette, yums!

Mentaiko S$15.90 – Love how they included small clams, sliced mushrooms and the not spicy cod roe. Luckily it wasn’t spicy for I am a ketchup person.

Mango Brulee Tart S$7.80 – I have to agree this small slice is very costly but its SOOOOOO VERY DELICIOUS and every bite makes u want more of it and I will sooooo come back just for these tarts.

Mix Berry Tart S$8.80 – another expensive small slice of tart but yes, we are most willing to pay for its really yummy. You know how sometimes the berries are sour and it makes you curl up and think twice if you wana eat another but the berries on this tart is soooooo yummy and sweet, makes u want them all!