Recycled “Trash” is the new hip!

RE-caseTM is made of Polli-BerTM, is created with a level of sustainability which is unprecedented in this market. Greener and healthier purchasing decision all without sacrificing function and style.

I find it amazing its 100% Made from Trash! Recycling is the new hip!

Re-CASE for iPhone 4/4S (Available in 5 colors and recycled materials), S$29.90.

– Off-White (Recycled Water Bottles)

– Black (Recycled Car Bumpers)

– Mix (Recycled Rice Husk)

– Green (Recycled Green Tea Caps)

– Purple (Recycled Cosmetic Containers)


Identity Seal for a RFID or credit card/EZlink

(standard size 85.60mm*53.98mm) can be stored in the hidden back pocket for you to conveniently swipe into the MRT or your office.  How cool is that right??? 

You can purchase them at

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