Outfit of the day – Native Loving

Feeling very animal native like these days that I am donning on leopard prints, zebra lines, woody accessories…. Maybe because since young, I am very into R&B, Hip Hop Gangsta Rap (like since 1989-90 till now), thus my very strong interest in the African-American culture. All my friends know how much I love them, so much so I declare myself a negress!! At 19-20 years old I did a twist perm and I LOVE it; fluffy, big volume, twist-braid-like hairdo! It is one of my favorite hairdo and I would love to do it again and again which I did early last year! hahaaaa


Dress: I See

Leggings: Cotton On

Ring: Nervous

Necklace: Nutcase Fashion and Forever 21

Shoes: MBT sandals

Bag: Tracyeinny

Bag charm: Gucci