CheezzStudio – A Studio for Self Portraiture

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LOADS OF FUN, LAUGHTER AND HAPPINESS! YES, you heard me. This is what you feel and get after each photoshoot at Cheezz Studio!!

You are your own photographer and stylist! Snap whenever you are ready and pose whatever you want at ease! Just you and your partner or friend or family members inside the photography area. Absolute privacy.

You can even view the shot rightaway on the TV screen infront of you. Don’t like what you see, pose again and snap away!

Want to spice up your pose but don’t know what to do? Choose from tons of funny, fun props provided and pose away! You can even bring a few outfits to change for there is a changing room inside the studio!

Full professional photography lightings and settings all set up nicely and provided for. 6 background colors to choose from; blue, grey, white, pink, teal and yellow.

Unlimited Photos!!! All prices are inclusive of a DVD with all your photos!!! You can collect your DVD right after the shoot! How awesome right???

Edit and share your pictures however you like!!!

It is the perfect space to hangout, have fun, be yourself and at the same time capture memorable, lasting memories to be cherish for a long time! You must be thinking these are tooo good to be true and it’s probably gona cost you a lot right? NOPE! Not the least! It is soooooo affordable I am planning so many trips with different friends and my family to CHEEZZ together! Infact it is soooo affordable, EVERYONE should Cheezz together! I know some couple celebrate their monthniversary together, what better way to capture that moment together? Parents who wants to photograph their newborn monthly growing up picture can now do so at Cheezz too! Cheezz is the new neoprint!! LOL I know you won’t believe me till you see the price list and therefore, I am gona WOW you with it before you scroll further for my awesome fun pics! =P

Lets tour Cheezz with me!






BIG BIG THANKS to Dee and Debbie (the brains behind Cheezz) for having me over! Dee had something to attend to therefore I only manage to meet up with Debbie. I had so much fun chatting with Debbie and thanks again for everything! I am certain I will be seeing the ladies soon for I am planning my shoot there with D and my different friends already! I want some fun pictures with both Dee and Debbie! I am now gona spam you with all my awesome fun pics! LOL