Do you remember my blog post on Marcos Paulo’s amazing Accordion Collection? While drooling over his amazing futuristic edgy collection, I remember the strong vibe I felt that day, so much so that I wrote in at the end of my post that “I will work hard and hope one day I will get to meet these talented designers. One can only wish and hope.” GUESS WHAT? I received an email from Marcos thanking me for blogging his collection! I thought I was being prank or so for I refuse to believe I am actually speaking to the man himself! THANK YOU sooooooo much for making my dream come true and thank you so much for staying in touch and giving me the opportunity to interview you. *I had to act cool replying you BUT I WAS AND AM very very mad happy and nervous*

Modgam: Hi Marcos, can you tell me a little more about yourself?

Marcos: I live in a small town, I have my label and work as a print designer to a children´s wear brand, I like new challenges, discovering new things that I can transform into clothing and new software to create interesting things, compulsive music listener I´m always trying to find new music that can make me press repeat and stay all day listen to the same song or that make me dance, love books, rainy days, different cultures, candy, sushi, movies, travelling, unexpected things, cooking, scarfs, my family and friends. My passion for fashion is just equal to my passion to eat/make pastries.

Modgam: How did you become a fashion designer? Did you always know you wanted to be one?

Marcos: In the beginning I wanted to be an architect, I always loved the straight and boxed forms of modern architecture, but them time passed and I realised that my true passion was fashion and I was maybe too afraid to admit because I didn´t know that much about the options that I had as a fashion designer but in the first day at university I saw that I had found my passion.

Modgam: What inspires you or what inspired for certain designs?

Marcos: Art has a big part in my inspirational process, but everything that I see can be very inspiring, it just depends on how you look, or what angle do you look. I always have a moment after seeing a lot of things that speaks to me louder saying this is the way to go and the collection usually starts from that, sometimes when I cut a pattern and create an interest shape that can be very inspiring and the start to a collection too. 

Modgam: Do you try to keep up with trends or create your own?

Marcos: I really don´t believe in trends anymore I think everyone should wear what they like and feel comfortable in, I create something that I desire to do in the moment, something I find interesting.I created my label as a form that I found to express myself through clothes.

Modgam: Accordion collection is really very unique. How would you describe your collection?

Marcos: The collection started as I watched TV and there was a guy playing the musical instrument, the movement and the pleats catch my eyes, so I started developing the pattern and seeing the possibilities that I could achieve with that, then I created this futuristic space warriors all in black with very strong characters, I wanted something rigid and a little aggressive. It changes the form of the body, giving new proportions, a lot of geometric pieces sew together in a complex and mathematical process.

Modgam: Are we expecting a new collection soon?

Marcos: Yes, but it´s kind of a complement to the collection, but its still a secret.

I am looking forward to Marcos’ new collection for he has given me some inside news about it. THANK YOU so much again Marcos for taking time in replying and talking to me. I truly appreciate it all.


To all my fellow bloggers, whatever our category or topic is, I am sure we look forward to meeting one like Marcos. I just want to tell you to keep blogging and keep believing. You really wouldn’t know who is reading your blog and as long as you give your heart and work hard towards that dream, it will come true. Mine just did and I look forward to meeting more designers.